montreal15 (montreal15) wrote,

Фенбендазол Видео

А это один из реультатов применения фенбендазола, помещенный только сегодня. Супер.
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Hi all, I got my CT results today after 6 rounds of Folfirinox chemotherapy for stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I'm shocked but very happy to say all my tumours are gone and my CA-19-9 levels are steady at 48 after being as high as 2500. I've been on fenben and the standard protocol since July as well as doing chemo.
I was diagnosed in May 2020 and given less than 12 months to live (at the age of 32) yet now my tumours are completely gone. I'm continuing my normal chemo for a while longer before I hopefully transition to a maintenance dose.
I have no way of knowing if it was fenben or the chemo or a combination of both that has led to such a great outcome. Either way I'm very pleased and remain hopeful that the tumours won't come back.

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